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Belleau Woods, France

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My fascination with The Great War began at my father's knee. My father and both grandfathers were Great War veterans.


1939 On the eve of World War II
I feel safe and secure on my father's knee.

My Father, Amanzio at the age of 19 served on the Italian Front as a machine gunner, was gassed and wounded. He survived the war and immigrated to the United States in 1921. In 1971, he was named a Cavalier by the Italian Government in recognition of his war service.

I started my memorabilia collection while I was in grammar school. Throughout my travels in the U.S.A. and Europe, I have collected over 2000 pieces of memorabilia from trench art to German Imperial helmets. I also collect autographs of personalities from the Great War era. Recently I have brought some of my collection to a local high school and gave a presentation about the Great War to students in an American History class.

I hope you enjoy my page and find it interesting. If you have any questions or comments please email me.



Italy's WWI Ace major F. Baracca's aircraft was easily recongized by the prancing black horse on the fuselage.
In 1923 Enzo Ferrari used this emblem on his now famous line of automobiles in memory of major Baracca who was killed in 1918.

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Me at The Trench of Death,
in Flanders, Belgium 1988

During World War I, my Grandfather Luigi at the age of 40, had a wife and children when he volunteered to serve with the Italian Army engineers. Building new roads in the Trentino Alps for the troops.


My wife's grandfather, Basilio was an Ardito in the Italian Army and saw action in Macedonia.. The Arditi were a special unit of the Army. They were all volunteers and were used for difficult operations.


Italian Alpine Officer Circa 1917